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Monday, September 19, 2011

stainless steel no-spill pet bowls

want a chance to see one of my designs? better yet - a chance to own it? here are some stainless steel pet bowls i designed for frontgate. i researched pet bowls for a long time - pulling reviews for everything from plastic bowls that cost 2 dollars at petsmart to high end designer bowls. in the end, this bowl was meant to be elegant but simple, and super, super sturdy.

i'm ordering my pup one - my corgi is terrible about sloshing water out of his bowl (understandable when you have a massive overbite) and i think it will be great for him! i'll put pictures up of him with it someday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

the grey weems

your super hero name is going to suck be awesome like mine! long live the grey weems!
(weems is teemo's nick name. it sounded better than teemo.)

via geekologie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the oatmeal

i have always enjoyed matthew inman's (the oatmeal's) comics. they are witty and always make me laugh. whenever i need to smile at something (and by smile, i mean die laughing) i look for a new comic on the site. this one i find incredibly applicable because who hasn't been in this situation? the series this one is in (what we should have learned senior year of high school) has a lot of things we probably all think. i think that he is a pretty smart guy and good designer making a living off these - i know there are a few posters i'd love to get once i get in a home i think will be more permanent.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my first time in missouri

this labor day weekend, i forewent my usual webn fireworks on the cincinnati river to visit my sister in law, who currently lives outside of st. louis, missouri.

the trip, which was mainly to a small city called washington, allowed me to drive a huge chunk of us50, which i really want to drive all parts of (not necessarily in one trip) as i grew up living off of route 50 (and now live even closer - only a block away) and my it ends right next to my sister's home in sacramento. plus, i love driving. really, there isn't much sense to it other than to really try and see the usa

click on to read more and see more photos of our trip down us50 and to missouri